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A man disappeared. Was he kidnapped? Or killed? Has he escaped? Has he somehow dissolved or fled to a parallel universe?

"Symphony of word and sound" (NRZ) *** "Entertaining, always surprising, this production takes you to parallel worlds. Magic tricks included." (WZ) *** "The viewer has to decide for himself where to direct his attention. The ensemble's accomplishment is that it manages to maintain the narrative thread. At the end, one realization remains: I had always tried to escape, but again and again I came back to myself." (Rheinische Post) *** "Verschwinden" is a tightly knit piece of intelligent music theater. The text becomes the score. This musical collage – from aggressive to harmonic, from trash to delicate – functions as a living archive and is highly performative, just like the musical language." (CORPUS)

Programmheft-Text ("Auftauchen des Fremdkörpers" von Dr. Steffen Schmidt)
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